The internationally renowned THE TOP rooftop restaurant from Taiwan will officially enter Bali in 2022, and plans to introduce a series of Taiwanese special dining culture to Bali and promote it to the world. Listed as the world 50 best desserts, Snow Ice from Taiwan is introduced to Bali for the first time!

Ice Rainbow Place

Ice Rainbow is magic place. Colorful decorations and a lot of plants can help you to feel summer vibes.

Fresh ingredients

Fruits of different colors contain different phytochemicals, and are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc., and are high-quality nutritional sources for the human body. Ice Rainbow focuses on fresh ingredients and good taste. We are using only high quality products.

Maybe something more...?

Ice Rainbow is not only about desserts. We are serving much more. You can get a tasty sandwich, salad, and many other dishes.

Endorphins for your body

Make your life sweeter and come to Ice Rainbow to try amazing deserts and much more. Make some plesure for yourself. Give your body a lot of endorphins. We can promise you take good care of you and your stomach.

Every space is art! The House Relax heard by the ears, the sweet and sour taste of the mouth, it turns out that eating ice can also be super Chill ⋯

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